FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register or utilize the website?

There are NO fees or hidden costs whatsoever. The only thing you spend is a bit of time completing your profile and searching for your ideal job.
And should you find something you feel you are suited to at ARC (and are qualified for), please apply.

Are my personal details safe on your website?

Upon registering on arc.humanjobs.co.za you are requested to tick three boxes, two of which are compulsory. The two compulsory documents to read give more insight into the legislation with which we comply in order to protect your information.
As a candidate registered on arc.humanjobs.co.za your information is viewable solely by the HR Administrators / System Users representing ARC.
The website will collect personal identification information from candidates only if they voluntarily submit such information to us. Candidates can always refuse to supply personal identification information. However, it may prevent them from engaging in certain site-related activities.

How do I register?

Please use the following link: 'Registration Page'.
Please note that you will be required to complete the form in full. Some of the requested information is (although is not limited to): Name, surname, ID number, citizenship, ethnicity, education and work experience.

What are Job Alerts and how do I register for Job Alerts?

A Job Alert is a nice way to receive e-mail notification that informs you of new jobs adverts based on criteria that you have chosen. You can also set up as many Job Alerts as you like.
Our Job Alerts functionality isn't quite ready yet, but if you have registered on arc.humanjobs.co.za you will receive an e-mail notifying you as soon as this functionality becomes available.

How do I reset my password and or changing my email address?

Please use the following link: 'Forgot Password'.
Please note that you will be required to provide the e-mail address you used to when you registered as well as your ID number.

If you no longer have access to the e-mail account you used when you registered, kindly e-mail our support team on: arcsupport@humanjobs.co.za.
Please provide your ID number and the new preferred e-mail address when asking the support team to assist you resetting your e-mail address.

Why am I asked for my ethnicity / race on registration?

This information is required in line with the Employment Equity Act.
According to the Employment Equity Act, the hierarchy for Employment Equity is as follows: Black people, women and people with disabilities. Thereafter, workers who are not from designated groups - Asian, Coloured, Indian and White.
If a job advertisement is specified as an EE position then only candidates matching the hiring company’s criteria will be matched against the position.

"~Based on legislation in Section 16, of the Employment Equity Act~"

Am I am to load my advert on this site?

Advertising on arc.humanjobs.co.za is available only to ARC (Agricultural Research Council).

Who do I contact with regards to sales or advertising?

Advertising on arc.humanjobs.co.za is strictly open to ARC (Agricultural Research Council) only.
The sales team at Humanjobs is able to assist you with posting your ARC job on humanjobs.co.za.
Humanjobs.co.za is the perfect window in which to display your vacancies and source just the right person for the job at hand at just the right price.
Our sales department can be contacted via e-mail on advertise@humanjobs.co.za.